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Schoolgirl Costumes

Schoolgirl costume is an outfit every adventurous woman should have. This is suitable when you need to get your naughty on and feel sexy. For that perfect seduction night, our sizzle and affordable Schoolgirl Costume collection is exactly what you need. There are a lot of options you can select from. Flirty Schoolgirl Costume: this particular costume consists of a black crop top with a fold over collar. The top has a faux breast pocket lined with pink satin. The micro mini skirt is pleated and ruffled and has crinoline underlay. You can get this schoolgirl costume with thigh high stockings; either black or white. Of course, every schoolgirl costume must have a tie to complete the look. This one is pink satin. You can also get faux hair ties to go with it. Sassy Schoolgirl Costume: the white spandex crop top has a front design that showcases the cleavage. The micro mini skirt is plaid with pleats. White stockings match perfectly with the baby pink of the skirt. You can also get in white. Teacher’s Pet Schoolgirl Costume: this is a sultrier look. The cropped top has front ties and cap sleeves. The ruffled mini skirt has a mesh underlay. There are also attached garters. The hair ties come in plaid. Red Plaid Schoolgirl Costume: like the name suggests this is plaid design. For that ultra sexy look and feigned innocence. The skirt is red plaid with suspenders and front slits. The suspenders have a crisscross design at the back. The white crop top of this schoolgirl costume has a black contrast outline around the neck. The neck tie is a choker style. Mesh stockings complete the look. Sweet and Sour Schoolgirl Costume: shimmering crop top with a contrast plaid fold over collar. The top has faux pockets that are in plaid too to match the collar. The micro mini skirt is pleated with a mesh underlay. This schoolgirl costume comes with a plaid hair tie.